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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Education (MEd)



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W.W. Theisen

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David E. Willis


Teachers of the elementary grades often ask themselves whether the training that they try to give their students in the formative years of childhood and early adolescence really carries over into high school and later life. Every day the papers and newscasts are filled with the doings and misdoings of youth, so that one is equally amazed at the reports of the beauty of heroic characters and at those of the violent and defiant. Even though such deeds are those of a small minority of adolescents, it is not too much to assume that each type has its counterpart in miniature in every high school of any size, and that history confirms the fact that we are the sons of Adam with the vestiges of original sin haunting our every step. This is so true that one author admits that "juvenile delinquency is admittedly one of our most pressing problems."