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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Arts (MA)




Nowhere in t he world do people depend for their very existence on a river as the people of Upper Egypt depend on the Nile. From the early beginnings of civilization, the Egyptian population has been clustered along the Nile's flood plain waiting for its' water to crest, thereby irrigating their arid farmland. It is very important to realize that because farming is so critical to its' economic survival, the Egyptian people relied chiefly upon the seasonal and annual fluctuations of the Nile. Consequently, Egyptian President, Gamel Abdul Nasser, undertook a major project to remove his peoples' dependency on seasonal farming and to improve the year-around quality of their farmland. Furthermore, because Egypt depended on the extension of cultivable land for its' economic development, the reclamation of barren lands would be possible if an adequate supply of water for irrigation purposes would be made available.