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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Alois J. Schieber

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Joseph Schwartz


Nathaniel Ames, with an almanac maker's gifts of prophecy, as early as 1758 foretold that "the arts and sciences will change the Face of Nature in their Tour from Hence over the Appalachian Mountains to the Western Ocean." Over a century and half later, Willa Cather in her Nebraska prairie novels, 0 Pioneers, My Antonia, One of Ours, and in her short stories, "Neighbor Rosicky", "Old Mrs. Harris", and "Two Friends" showed that though arts and sciences were contributing factors to human growth, there was another factor which could not be ignored and which was essential to change the Face of Nature--physical or human. This essential factor was love. The eloquent examples of the transforming power of love will furnish long life to these Nebraska prairie stories.