Date of Award


Degree Type

Master's Essay - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

George J. Mouly


An objective approach to the problem of having students evaluate the curriculum of Oconomowoc High School was made through an analysis of an actual survey (See Appendix A) made of high school students in their last year of school when their post graduation plans are uppermost in their minds and their recollection of guidance and teaching and subject matter are clear and best evaluated without passing through a veil of time. Naturally, such an analysis cannot be made purely on the results of the survey but must be done on a comparative basis with similar surveys. In the changing world today the teacher must be better prepared to satisfy the existing needs of his students.

There appears to be a need for students to have an opportunity to evaluate the curriculum also.

For all interests and purposes a general analysis including wide sweeping percentages will serve the purpose of this study.