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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Bernard Cooke


Never before in the Church's long and often dramatic history has the layman been the center of so much theologizing. This significant fact is the result both of the special circumstances of our times and the increasing desire on the part of many to play a more active part in the Church's work and worship. Pope Pius Xis responsible in no small measure for this increased desire, for he inaugurated reforms that were designed to increase active participation by the laity in the liturgical life of the Church. His efforts have been continued by his successors down to the present day. In trying to formulate a theology of lay participation in the liturgy and establish it on a firm foundation, promoters of the movement, commonly called the liturgical movement, have aroused interest in sacramental theology, especially the theology of the sacramental character as a participation in the priesthood of Christ.