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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Arts (MA)




An old axiom insists that the best histories are records of the negotiations themselves. This may be quite true, but since this is not to be a history, and since the records - that
is the communications of the foreign ministers with Congress - take up twelve large octavo volumes; I feel justified in presenting only the portions of those documents which seem to be particularly apropos. The labor in the essay, then, is not so much in its content; but rather in the lack of it. The task of evaluating and discarding facts proved to be no easy chore, and since there was so much material, it might seem at first blush that the matter lacks the correct proportions. However, I feel certain that every line contributes its own bit to the general context, and since I have stated facts
with care and drawn conclusions with caution; I feel that any omission would distort those facts, and negate the conclusions.