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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)




Nursing, like medicine, is an ancient art but a relatively new science. Until comparatively recently, caring for the sick was practically synonymous with custodial care -- providing only for purely physical needs.

As medical science continued to progress, it began to discard the old materialistic concept which proposed that man was solely biologically determined. Instead, a more wholistic concept was substituted, which viewed the individual as a psycho-physiological entity whose thoughts, hopes and aspirations played equally important roles in determining his general well-being.

Under this wholistic concept, what the patient thinks, says and how he behaves plays an integral part in his recovery. Furthermore, it has been discovered that the nurses' attitude and conduct greatly influence the behavior of the patient.

It is to this concept of nursing that this essay is dedicated. The Nurse and Patient Behavior.