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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Arts (MA)


The purpose of this paper is to study the meaning of redemption for us, the People of God of the twentieth century as defined in the documents of Vatican II. In order to get the correct perspective and a deeper understanding of this great mystery, the writer proposes to begin with a cursory survey of the development of soteriology throughout the life history of the Church. This is done through the use of Scripture, the writings of the Fathers, and the documents of the Church in the hope of attaining a deeper appreciation of the Church's interpretation of redemption today.

Because the documents are replete with redemptive themes, several key concepts of the Church have been selected to develop the meaning of redemption in Part II of the paper. The Council Fathers in referring to the Church as 11the Body of Christ," "the Sacrament of Christ," and "the People of God" have given us an extremely vital and eschatological approach to redemption. The writer attempts to use these themes to link the rich heritage of revelation to the present conciliar thinking of the Risen Christ with the hope of determining the role to be played by modern man in the redemptive process.

Man as the instrument of Christ can redeem the world. All of God's creation awaits this redemption, a process possible only through Christ now visibly present with us in His Body the Church.