The label below will be present in the exhibition alongside this piece. It is provided here so that fans submitting fanworks know in advance how fandom will be discussed in this project. However, fandworks do not need to take into account the below information and should be inspired by or responding to the piece of art alone: 

Steve Davis 
American, b. 1957 
Meth Consumes, 2010 
Archival Inkjet print 
16 x 20 in 
Museum purchase with funds from Mrs. Jean Messmer in memory of Dr. Charles Clemens Messmer by exchange 

Steve Davis is a landscape and portrait photographer based in the Pacific Northwest, and the Coordinator of Photography and Media Curator at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. 

His images often depict forgotten individuals or those on the fringes of society, highlighting groups not usually associated with contemporary art. Meth Consumes is one of 22 pieces in Davis’s collection “As American Falls.” Over the course of a three year period, Davis traveled to American Falls, Idaho, documenting the small town where he grew up. About the town of American Falls, Davis said, “The economy, agricultural pollution, the wind, and the cold make this place not for the weak or faint hearted.” His images construct the decline of a town, and the spirit and struggle of a rural community bound by big agriculture and a changing way of life. 


The pull of anti-fandom—the mirror image of fandom wherein the fan object is derided or mocked—can be as strong as that of fandom itself. People can become as passionate about their dislike of something as they are in their enjoyment of something else. Anti-fans may view a fan-object as undeserving of the attention in receives from its fans; they may create opposition, where they set their fandom in direct conflict with their anti-fandom; or they may be former fans who disapprove of some action or direction the fandom has taken. Regardless, anti-fans create many of the same things as fans, only presented in opposition to the fandom.  





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