Diane Long Hoeveler, while a professor at Marquette University, travelled extensively to view chapbooks in various libraries. She spent a great deal of time working her way through boxes of materials which were, at that point, sometimes uncatalogued, or not accessible to anyone outside the rare books room. While she studied these materials, she developed a scholarly interest in Gothic chapbooks, which, to her thinking, were worthy subjects for broader literary scholarship. She began the Gothic Archive for that purpose. Once she started to build the collection, she naturally modeled it to suit her own needs as a researcher and a teacher of undergraduates and graduate students. The Archive is, therefore, designed to be useful as a teaching tool and for research purposes. She envisioned a digital space in which students could go beyond simply reading Gothic chapbooks; she hoped they would also learn about their connections with other Gothic texts, and explore Gothic themes and tropes. Dr. Hoeveler was also a great collaborator and always encouraged the research of others; to that end she hoped the Archive would capture Gothic scholars’ interest, leading to the creation of new knowledge in this often-overlooked area. Dr. Hoeveler passed away in spring of 2016, leaving an immense legacy of scholarship, and The Gothic Archive as a work in progress. Wendy Fall, one of Dr. Hoeveler’s doctoral students, has assumed editorial responsibilities for the archive.

In its present state, The Gothic Archive is a growing digital collection of late eighteenth and nineteenth-century British Gothic chapbooks and related materials held in a variety of private and research libraries in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The chapbooks have been digitized or transcribed and linked to summaries and supplemental materials. Questions about the archive can be sent to wendy.fall@marquette.edu.

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