Kony 2012 is one example of how video can empower people and effect social change. This course will provide an introduction to the history, practice, and application of video as a tool of social expression, advocacy, and activism. By understanding the basic history of the video medium as a tool for social change, expression and examining various examples of activist filmmaking, students will develop the needed skill set to produce and screen a 5-minute issue-based video in hopes of fostering community engagement regarding the subject matter of the video.


Submissions from 2017


Are We Marquette?: A Conversation Through Film, Anusha Das and Steve Hegarty

Submissions from 2015

Campus Sustainability, Jackson Kessel and Liam Santini

Transitioning Forward, Frankie Knauer and Sam Polhemus

Women in Film, Krystal Morales and Elizabeth Raterman

Submissions from 2013


Bridging the Gap: Milwaukee’s Public Schools, John C. Becker and Mary Cate Simeone


Veteran Suicide, Clara Kiesel and Alex Miller