Controversy over birth control and the population explosion, lately drawn into American politics, prompted your Editors to seek out clarifying expression of the Catholic uiewpoint for any need our readers might have in discussing these topics. A most timely symposium was published in the December 21, 1959 issue of United States News and World Report, entitled "The Birth-Control Issue - What Both Sides Say." We reprint the questions and answers asked of Reverend William J. Gibbons, S.J., a sociologist and economist who for years has specialized in population problems. Hehas contributed numerous articles and reports to Catholic and nonCatholic periodicals on population growth. He has taken part in many U. S. and international conferences dealing with problems of population and economic development. Father Gibbons now lectures in sociology at Fordham University in New York City. The interview that follows was carried in the above magazine along with excerpts from the World Council of Churches report, "Responsible Parenthood and the Population Problem," and the statements of the National Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church and the Lambeth Conference of the Bishops of the Anglican Communion.



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