The Impact of Attitudinal Variables on Service Quality Perceptions, Expectations, and Service Satisfaction: A Study of a Primary Health Care System

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Asian Journal of Marketing

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The health care sector is undergoing a metamorphosis as costs rise and competition amongst providers increases. Providers have become more sensitive to service quality issues as they continue to adopt modem marketing practices. However, not much is known about what factors influence service expectations and the zone of service tolerance in the healthcare field. Our study shows that switching barriers,attitude towards wellness, wellness behavior, self perceived service role, and perceived health status do have an impact on service expectations, zone of tolerance, overall evaluation of service quality, and satisfaction. Results also show that those consumers who are rated "high" on attitude towards wellness, wellness behavior, and self-perceived role in service encounters demand better service. Yet, health care providers are rated low on the responsiveness dimension of service quality. Our study methodology employed established research instruments and techniques to collect and analyze data from patients in a primary health setting in Mauritius. Based on these findings, implications are developed for the health care sector in general.


Asian Journal of Marketing, Vol. 12, No. 1 (2005): 35-53. Publisher Link.