The Way We Lived: Essays on Nigerian History, Gender and Society

The Way We Lived: Essays on Nigerian History, Gender and Society



This work captures the voices of those whose activities have been neglected by historians and other scholars despite their central role in shaping the contours of change in society. Most of the essays in this volume deal with the effects of European contact: the Atlantic slave trade and its impact on Nigerian societies and the Igbo region in particular as well as the impact of European colonialism from the late nineteenth century. Nigerian and Igbo scholars will particularly benefit from this collection



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Table of Contents


Historiography and Methods

Chapter 1. Historians and Historical Interpretations: Adiele Afigbo and the African Historiographical Tradition

Chapter 2. Recovering the Agrarian History of Southeastern Nigeria

Chapter 3. May it Please Your Honor: Letters of Petition as Historical Evidence in an African Colonial Context

Chapter 4. Igbo Africans and the Atlantic Diaspora

History and Economy

Chapter 5. The Nineteenth Century Commercial Transition in West Africa: The Case of the Biafran Hinterland

Chapter 6. Christian Missions and New Identity Formations in Colonial Nigeria

Chapter 7. Historical Perspectives on Religion and Politics in Nigeria

Chapter 8. The Great Depression and Local Initiative: The Distillation of Alcohol Example

Chapter 9. Hegemonic and Negotiated Encounters: Reflections on Indirect Rule and Protest in Colonial Nigeria

Chapter 10. Urban Food Supply and Vulnerability in Nigeria During the Second World War

Chapter 11. State Policy, Agricultural Transformation and Decline in Eastern Nigeria, 1960-1970

Chapter 12. Yam is King! Cassava is the Mother of all Crops: Farming, Culture, and Identity in Igbo Agrarian Culture

Chapter 13. Migration Patterns and Identity Formation: The Igbo of Nigeria

Gender and Society

Chapter 14. Gender and Agricultural Policy in Colonial Nigeria

Chapter 15. Gender and the Political Economy of the Post-Abolition Era: The Bight of Biafra (Nigeria) in the Nineteenth Century

Chapter 16. Gender and Peasant Resistance: Recasting the Myth of the Invisible Woman in Colonial Eastern Nigeria

Chapter 17. Dependence and Autonomy: Widowhood, Gender, and Inheritance in Igbo Society


The Way We Lived: Essays on Nigerian History, Gender and Society