African Catholicism and Hermeneutics of Culture

African Catholicism and Hermeneutics of Culture



The study of Christianity in the non-Western world reveals a demographic shift in the center of Christianity from the Northern Hemisphere to the South. But the contradictory aspect of the massive African conversion to Christian faith is the grinding poverty level in Africa. This condition raises important theological and ecclesiological questions that demand urgent answers. Therefore, the research objectives of this book are to examine African Catholicism's involvement in human promotion and to seek a new way of theologizing Christianity that moves sub-Saharan African peoples to action against the massive injustices that keep them poor. Drawing on Africae Munus, the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation of the Second African Synod (2011), and Bernard Lonergan's notion of culture, African Catholicism and Hermeneutics of Culture argues that to truly be "the spiritual 'lung' of humanity," African Catholicism must appropriate the Christian message to transform African attitudes and personhood and so foster a self-reliant commitment to integral African development.



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Table of Contents

Foreword / John I. Okoye --

Introducing Africae Munus and hermeneutics of culture --

Continuity and change in African traditional values --

Critical culture for integral development and responsible governance in Sub-Saharan Africa --

Religion and sustainable development in Africa: the case of Nigeria --

The role of African Catholicism in the light of Africae Munus --

Theology, culture, and sustainable development in Africa --

Appreciating African cultural values: towards a more indigenous African Christianity --

Religious exclusivism: challenge to interreligious dialogue --

The ministry of the Church in Africa --

Proposals towards reconciliation, justice, and peace --

African Catholicism and Hermeneutics of Culture