Theological Reimagination: Conversations on Church, Religion, and Society in Africa

Theological Reimagination: Conversations on Church, Religion, and Society in Africa



Conversations on Church, Religion, and Society in Africa --- This book presents the conversations of African theologians on issues that shape these three institutions: Church, religion and society. Their conversations pivot on reimagination, that creates alternative worlds of meaning and purpose that embody God's self-revelation in innovative and creative ways.



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Catholic Studies | Religion | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


Table of Contents

Introduction : doing theology as a collaborative effort / Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator

Truly African, fully Christian? In search of a new African-Christian spirituality / Laurenti Magesa

How African is African theology? / Teresa Okure

Sense and nonsense of an African theology / Eloi Messi Metogo

Scripture studies and African theology : a critical overview from an OT perspective / Paul Béré

The role of the scriptures : the New Testament in African theology / Chantal Nsongisa

No longer truly African, but not fully Christian : in search of a new African spirituality and religious synthesis / Eunice Karanja Kamaara

Christ in the ̓Argànona Màryàm : theology in the Ethiopian Christian tradition / Daniel Assefa

Methods and models of African theology / Stan Chu Ilo

A practice of theology at the service of African societies : some lessons from the experience of the collection "The Bible and Women in Africa" / Josée Ngalula

Bishops as theologians : listening, discerning, and dialogue / Bishop Kevin Dowling

Bishops as Theologians : overcoming the challenge of academic poverty / Rodrigo Mejía Saldarriaga

The promise of a new generation of African theologians : reimagining African theology with fidelity and creativity / Bienvenu Mayemba

African theologians in diaspora : drawing on the theology of inclusive religious pluralism to construct an African, value-oriented interrelgious dialogue / Marinus C. Iwuchukwu

Teaching African theology in the diaspora : the promises and challenges of a Western Academia / Lilian Dube

Religion in Africa : a curse or a blessing? On daring to reinvent Christianity in Africa / Emmanuel Katongole

Church family of God : icon of the triune God, as listening church and Africa's treasure, reinventing Christianity and the world / Elochukwu Uzukwu

Reimagining African theology : the promise of a new generation / Anne Arabome

Women and the church in Africa : allies or strange bedfellows? / Marguerite Akossi-Mvongo

The place of women in the Catholic Church of Africa : using inculturation as a model for inclusion of women in the ministerial life of the Church / Simon Mary A. Aihiokhai

Leadership/Governance and religion in Africa : is religion an asset or an obstacle? / Aloyse-Raymond Ndiaye

Leadership and governance in Africa : is religion a help or a hindrance ? / Elias Omondi Opongo

Conclusion : bread for an unfolding journey / Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator

Theological Reimagination: Conversations on Church, Religion, and Society in Africa