Engaging the Spirit: Essays on the Life and Theology of the Holy Spirit


Engaging the Spirit: Essays on the Life and Theology of the Holy Spirit



"For too long the Holy Spirit has tended to be either disregarded or the object of fanatical exclamation in the life of the church, especially in western Christianity," writes general editor Robert Slocum in his introduction to this stimulating collection of 18 essays from a broad spectrum of noted authors. "The essays in this collection give attention to many ways of the Spirit's life and activity--for salvation and healing, for making Christ present in our lives and in the church, for empowering our prayers and liturgies, for our inspiration and gifting, for transformation of the way we live, for the redemption of the world and the ultimate coming of God's kingdom, for the unity of our relationships with each other and God."



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Table of Contents

Introduction and Dedication, vii.

Contributors, 1.

Falling in Love: The Work of the Holy Spirit by Robert B. Slocum, 5.

Spirit: Inner Witness and Guardian of the Soul by Travis Du Priest, 17.

Speaking Personally of You, Holy Spirit by Tilden Edwards, 33.

The Holy Spirit: Source of Unity in the Liturgy by Louis Weil, 39.

By Water and the Holy Spirit: Baptism and Confirmation in Anglicanism by Ruth A. Meyers, 47.

"The Spirite Searcheth the botome of Goddes secretes" by Robert M. Cooper, 57.

Holy Spirit in Holy Church: From Experience to Doctrine by J. Robert Wright, 73.

Starting Over: The Holy Spirit as Subject and Locus of Spiritual Theology by Robert D. Hughes, III, 85.

Gratia: Grace and Gratitude- Fifty Unmodem Theses as Prolegomena to Pneumatology by Charles Hefling, 103.

The Spirit in the Blood by Paul F. M. Zahl, 123.

Justification and the Holy Spirit by Reginald H. Fuller, 129.

A Clarification on the Filioque? by George H. Tavard, 137.

Some Notes on Filioque by Charles P. Price 145.

Adam, Eve, and Seth: Pneumatological Reflections on an Unusual Image in Gregory of Nazianzus's "Fifth Theological Oration" by Alexander Golitzin 167.

"The Lord, the Giver of Life": A Reflection on the Theology of the Holy Spirit in the Twelfth Century by Wanda Zemler-Cizewski, 177.

Citizenship: Re-Minded by the Holy Spirit by Thomas Hughson, S.J., 187.

The Impossible Commandment by Rebecca Abts Wright, 209.

Zacchaean Effects and Ethics of the Spirit by Robert B. Slocum, 215.

Bibliography, 225.

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Engaging the Spirit: Essays on the Life and Theology of the Holy Spirit