Marketing Ethics: Cases and Readings

Marketing Ethics: Cases and Readings



Marketing Ethics recognizes the higher order obligations of marketing and provides a forum to discuss critical issues and incidents that raise questions about ethics in marketing.



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Table of Contents

Ethical reasoning and marketing decisions

Contemporary readings in marketing ethics

Short cases

Longer cases. Ethical reasoning and marketing decisions / Patrick E. Murphy, Gene R. Laczniak, Norman E. Bowie, Thomas A. Klein --

Contempt of customer: it's a real crime / Seth Godin

KidNabbing / Melanie Wells

Dangerous Terrain / John J. Fialka

First the target was tobacco, then burgers: so how has big alcohol stayed out of the lawyers' sights? /Adam Jones

When does a gift become a bribe? / Kirk Davidson

The Wal-Mart you don't know: why low prices have a high cost / Charles Fishman

A matter of trust / Jennifer Gilbert

Toy wars / Manuel Velasquez

Toy wars: the rest of the story / Ron Nahser

The cookie case / Catherine Hart

Making it up / Raymond F. Keyes

Krombacher: save nature drink beer / Eva Barcikowski and Johannes Brinkmann

The ethics of selling violent video games / Trevor Prouty

Abercrombie & Fitch / Meg Connelly

Can short skirts sell software? An ethical dilemma / Lori Lepp Corbett

Wave runners galore / John A. Weber

A retailer in Brazil / Miriam Jordan

Koffum Filters / Anu Davgun

Starbucks Coffee Company: a fair trade / Anne Kozak, Peggy Cunningham and Tim Jones

Basta Pasta Food Company Inc. / John E. Bargetto and Patrick E. Murphy

Ethics in retailing: where does one draw the line? / Amanda Hilger and Gene R. Laczniak

Athlete's Foot / Lance Kidder

Andorra Electronics, Ltd. / Raymond Keys

Marketing Ethics: Cases and Readings