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Encyclopedia of Human Resources Information Systems: Challenges in e-HRM

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doi: 10.4018/978-1-59904-883-3.ch001


Developing trust among team members is critical for achieving high performance outcomes. Recently, global business operations necessitated working in a team environment with colleagues outside traditional organizational boundaries, across distances, and across time zones. In this article, we discuss how human resource practices can support organizational initiatives when business operations mandate increased virtual teamwork. We examine the role of HR in enhancing relationship building and the development of trust among workers who may rarely, if ever, meet face-toface. Using research from teamwork, social exchange theory, and knowledge sharing, we discuss how four areas of human resources management—recruitment, training, performance appraisal, and compensation/reward— might combine with technology to facilitate the development of trust among virtual team members.


Published Version. "Achieving High Performance Outcomes through Trust in Virtual Teams," in Encyclopedia of Human Resources Information Systems: Challenges in e-HRM. Eds. Teresa Torres-Coronas and Mario Arias-Oliva. Hershey, New York: IGI Global, 2009: 1-6. DOI. © 2009 IGI Global. Used with permission.

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