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The 71F Advantage: Applying Army Research Psychology for Health and Performance Gains


Military families, whether Active-duty, Reserve, or National Guard, face a multitude of demands in times of both peace and war, and these demands will shift throughout a Servicemember’s career. Our research at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), as well as research done at other institutions, has shown that the demands experienced by military families have both negative and positive effects in terms of health, marital satisfaction, and satisfaction with the Army. Appraisal of these demands and the ability to obtain the necessary resources to deal with them are important determinants of a variety of well-being–, family-, and Army-related outcomes. This chapter will focus on the findings of family studies conducted by researchers at WRAIR and examine the road ahead with studying military families based on the outcomes discussed.


Published version. "Families Facing the Demands of Military Life: New Research Directions," in The 71F Advantage: Applying Army Research Psychology for Health and Performance Gains. Eds. Paul T. Bartone, Ross H. Pastel, and Mark A. Vaitkus. Washington, D.C.: National Defense University Press, 2010: 373-393. Publisher Link. © 2010 National Defense University Press. Used with permission.

Gary Adams was affiliated with the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh at the time of publication.

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