OpenOttoman ( is a developing transnational digital collaborative for scholarship and public history focused on the Ottoman world and committed to the principles of inclusiveness and accessibility. OpenOttoman’s mission is to create new kinds of cooperation that cross geographical, linguistic, political and disciplinary boundaries, and seeks to enhance and sustain research, the learning experiences of students, and the availability of scholarship to a broader public. Its goal is to leverage the possibilities offered by digital platforms and formats in order to enable scholars to connect with each other, with published work, and with research resources relevant to Ottoman studies. In this way, we aim to facilitate partnerships of scholarly curiosity, skills, enthusiasm, professional standards and material support to enable major expansions in the depth and breadth of Ottoman Empire studies. The purpose of the OpenOttoman repository is to provide access to a wide range of materials associated with specific OpenOttoman activities and the Ottoman world in general.


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BMU - Base Maps of Ukraine

BSZLAK - Beauplan’s 17th Century Szlak Routes Across the Pontic Steppe

GBU - Gazetteer of Beauplan’s Ukraine

SKBD - Sawran Kodyma Border Dispute