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Confocal Z-series .nd2 files (Nikon NIS) showing GFP fluorescence from dissected egg chambers. These files were used to create the maximum intensity projections displayed in figure 1 (UAS-GFPnls drd-gal4 stage 10B and 14 10.27.16.nd2) and figure S3 (UAS-GFPnls drd-gal4 stage 14 7.16.21.nd2 and UAS-GFPnls control stage 14 7.16.21.nd2). Files with “UAS-GFPnls drd-gal4” were experimental samples containing both the drd-GAL4 and UAS-GFP.nls transgenes, while files with “UAS-GFPnls control” were controls lacking the drd-GAL4 transgene. The “10.27.16” and “7.16.21” file sets were imaged on different days with different settings, so image intensities should not be compared between the two file sets.

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