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Baylor University Press

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Quoting God: How Media Shape Ideas about Religion and Culture

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When covering issues that intersect religious and scientific thinking, media professionals face the difficult task of producing reports that are fair and comprehensive. An initial approach may be to include conflicting views by representatives of religion and science. However, religion-science issues are usually more complex than news stories indicate. Polls generally show that American adults do not think that religion and science conflict, though a minority maintains that position. One in-depth poll conducted in the wake of the recent controversy in Kansas about teaching the theory of evolution in public schools indicates that approximately 16 percent prefer to have biblical creationism taught in science class instead of evolution, while 13 percent want creationism taught along with evolution in science class.


Published version. "Reporting Complexity: Science and Religion" in Quoting God: How Media Shape Ideas about Religion and Culture. Ed. Claire Badaracco. Waco, Texas: Baylor University Press, 2005: 211-224, 284-287. Publisher link. © 2005 Baylor University Press. Used with permission.