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The Cambridge Companion to Christianity and the Environment

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DOI: 10.1017/9781108860666.017


three prominent ways in which the sacramentality of creation has been nuanced over the centuries are explored: (1) Experiencing the presence of God in the world with focus on Ignatius of Loyola’s final contemplation in his Spiritual Exercises; (2) reflecting on manifestations of God’s goodness, power and wisdom that eminent patristic and medieval theologians discerned when studying the world and novel attributes that are discernible today when informed by current scientific findings; and (3) receiving the Eucharist as a heightened encounter with God that can strengthen individuals and communities to act cooperatively. These three ways of perceiving the world within which we encounter God constitute a formula for venerating Earth that should stimulate Christian attitudes and actions aimed at mitigating impediments to the flourishing of our common home.


Published version. "Venerating Earth: Three Sacramental Perspectives," in Cambridge Companion to Christianity and the Environment. Eds. J.B. Hampton and Douglas Hedley. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2022: 247-262. DOI. © 2022 Cambridge University Press. Used with permission.

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