Considerations for CRM Implementation: Part 2

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Cutter Consortium Business-IT Strategies Executive Report


In our prior Business-IT Strategies E-Mail Advisor (9 January 2002), we introduced a discussion of our view that history matters when implementing customer relationship management (CRM) in the context of previous (or ongoing) enterprise resource planning (ERP) efforts. At that time, we pointed out the existence of functionality overlaps between ERP and CRM applications and suggested a rule for deciding which functionality to apply. In this second Advisor, we want to suggest two other areas where prior effort and investment in the enterprise-level information technology architecture should be respected: data standards and data duplication.


Cutter Consortium Business-IT Strategies Executive Report, (2002) Permalink: www.cutter.com/content/alignment/fulltext/advisor/2002/bit020109.html.

Note: This article is Part 2 of a three-part series.