Bruce Horacek

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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Arts (MA)




Any comprehensive study of Luther's theology of the Lord's super would have to include a number of related topics. Ideally, such a study would take up the question of how man is saved, what justification by faith means. It would include Luther's understanding of what a sacrament is, and how it operates. Directly involved in any discussion of the Lord's Supper would be the question of the meaning of Christ's sacrifice and its relation to the sacrament. What are the effects or fruits of the Lord's Supper as opposed to the effects of the preaching of the Word? Of what value is the corporeal reception of Christ's body and blood? All of these questions, plus a number of others would certainly be important in a thorough treatment of this subject. Ultimately, all of these questions would have to be placed within their proper context, within the framework of Luther's Christology. How Luther understood the relation between the humanity and the Person of the Word in Christ's redeeming acts would serve as the only suitable framework for a complete picture of Luther's theology of the Lord's Supper. Needless to say, all of these topics aren't included in this discussion.