Date of Award


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Master's Essay - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)




Based on a review of literature of women's misconceived ideas and/or lack of information regarding menopause, an audio-visual program was developed. The presentation was prepared to provide basic and concrete "what to do" information on menopause for middle-aged women with scheduled appointments in the Gynecology Clinic of a large teaching hospital. The tape/slide presentation contains the following areas of content: (1) Anatomy of the female organs and hormones, (2) definition of menopause, (3) signs and symptoms of menopause, (4) postmenopausal concerns, (5) concurrent middle-age life events, and (6) self-care "what to do" facts. Although specifically designed for the menopausal woman, various health professionals may also benefit from viewing the presentation since it provides essential information that would assist in patient teaching. A written test was developed to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.


Title on guide: A tape/slide presentation to help women understand menopause