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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Education (MEd)



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John P. Treacy

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Robert C. Craig


In the United States today, Catholic higher education cannot I accommodate the great increase in numbers, nor can a great part of the Catholic college population support the expense of a Catholic college education. While many Catholics will of necessity seek non-Catholic training, there will be others who for various reasons select a secular campus. Finally, there will be the group which although it can afford a Catholic college education, will choose the non-Catholic in preference.

The Church must necessarily concern herself with the spiritual welfare of her members in these universities. Sometimes students fall away from the practice of religion or repudiate their faith entirely on a non-Catholic campus. It is important to instill in them a true appreciation of the gift of faith and to prepare them adequately to explain, and if required, to defend it. Assistance given them before they fall away will be more effective than that given after. Newman Club chaplains have observed that some students who lose their faith on secular campuses do so more because of the difficulties encountered in the observance of the Ten Commandments than because of the intellectual difficulties in the Apostles' Creed.