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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Arts (MA)




Rising prices, shortages in housing, medical care, and other goods and services have brought about a new interest on the part of consumers in cooperative ventures.

On the other hand, businessmen confronted with steepling prices and business costs, together with unprecedented tax burdens, have begun a vigorous assault not only upon the allegedly favored tax status of cooperatives but also upon their aims, methods, and accomplishments. Unfortu­nately, the controversy has been waged for the most part in an atmosphere of acrimony. The attack upon cooperatives has been marked with a virulence seldom tempered by objectivity. As so frequently happens the assaults have had dual effects. On the one side, they have resulted in increased pressure for investigation; on the other, the pub­licity given the battle has undoubtedly brought cooperatives to the attention of thousands of consumers who, up to now, hardly knew of the existence of the movement.