The label below will be present in the exhibition alongside this piece. It is provided here so that fans submitting fanworks know in advance how fandom will be discussed in this project. However, fandworks do not need to take into account the below information and should be inspired by or responding to the piece of art alone: 

Martin Parr 
English, b. 1952 
Gold Cup, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, 2005 
Inkjet color print 
20 x 30 in 
Museum purchase with funds from Mrs. Martha W. Smith by exchange 

Martin Parr considers the proliferation of images in society to be “propaganda,” and counters this propaganda with his own chosen weapons: criticism, seduction, and humor. Calling himself a documentary photographer, Parr focuses his lens on the wealthy. He says, “Luxury is the new poverty…  For years, the subject of documentary social photography has been poverty, whereas I think the new front line is luxury.” Focusing on leisure, consumption, and communication, Parr’s images reveal how people live, how they present themselves to others, and what they value. By selectively cropping his images, Parr invites the viewer to concentrate on humorous details that might otherwise be overlooked or appear mundane. 

Rules and Gatekeeping 

Fans create rules surrounding the correct ways to engage with their fandom. These rules may be created with positive intentions, such as uniting or protecting the fandom or creating a consistent fan experience. Rules may also be created, influenced, and promoted by “insiders” who have something to gain by controlling fan narratives and interpretations. These rules may then be passed down and repeated by fans without the recognition of external influence. Even rules with benevolent intentions can be used to exclude or restrict access to fandom, or to isolate or mock fans who engage with their fandoms in non-traditional ways.  





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