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Metric News: The Journal of Metrication


One of the major problems confronting the metrication movement is the general lack of publicity and public awareness of the scope of the metric system. The work already performed as well as that still needed to be done to bring metrication to fruition needs considerable attention. The application of marketing principles and programs can have a potentially great effect on the success of the work of metric activists. During the course of this interview, conducted in late November, 1977, Dr. Eugene Laczniak suggests some of the ways in which marketing can be made to work for metrication; and he offers vital insights into the means by which metrication can become a fixed reality in American life, business, industry, government, and education.


Accepted version. Metric News: The Journal of Metrication, Vol. 5, No. 1 (January/February, 1978): 11-13. Publisher link. © 1978 Metric News, Inc,

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