Aims & Scope

The Journal of Gender, Ethnic, and Cross-Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary journal with the primary goal to facilitate the examination of the intersection among gender, cultural, and ethnic studies. Published biannually, this journal seeks to invigorate discussions of the global mobilization of people, ideas, and capital, and the ways in which this circulation has influenced conceptions of gender, ethnicity/race, migration, and culture. In the very same way, the journal examines the gendered nature of cultures and cultural encounters across borders. It is committed to facilitating intersectional, interdisciplinary dialogue which results from the crossing of disciplinary boundaries. By virtue of this commitment, The Journal of Gender, Ethnic, and Cross-Cultural Studies invites the submission of scholarly articles from diverse fields and disciplines including, but not limited to, Gender and Women’s Studies, History, Literary and Critical Studies, Economics, Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, Cultural Studies, Disabilities Studies, and Religious Studies.
All research articles in this journal undergo peer review.

    The journal devotes special interest to the following topics:
  • Postcolonial and third world feminism
  • Feminist readings of theology andIslamic feminism
  • The intersection of women’s activism and political movements
  • Cultural constructions of gender
  • Gender in relation to space and identity
  • Women’s transformative strategies within and beyond ethnic and religious boundaries
  • Women in transit: women’s experience of mobility, immigration and diaspora
  • Women issues in war and conflicts
  • Reconceptualizing family and gender
  • Bodies, narratives, and discourse