Submissions from 2020

Lianas de uma Floresta Estacional Semidecidual, Município de Paulo de Faria, norte do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil, Andréia Alves Rezende, Neusa Taroda Ranga, and Rodrigo Augusto Santinelo Pereira

Submissions from 2012

Liana-tree relationships: consequences for tree communities and tree evolution, E.I. Garrido-Pérez, R. Durán, and G. Gerold

Ecophysiological Traits May Explain the Abundance of Climbing Plant Species across the Light Gradient in a Temperate Rainforest, E Gianoli, A Saldaña, and M Jimenez

A new generic classification of Bignonieae (Bignoniaceae) based on molecular phylogenetic data and morphological synapomorphies, LG Lohmann

Bignonieae: Insights from morphology and molecules, LG Lohmann, PF Stevens, and EA Kellogg

Traits and growth of liana regneration in primary and secondary forests of Central Amazonia, M Roeder, D Holscher, and IDK Ferraz

Evolution and development of tendrils in Bignonieae (Bignoniaceae, Lamiales), MS Sousa-Baena, NR Sinha, and LG Lohmann

Stem characteristics and ant body size in a Costa Rican rain forest, SP Yanoviak, C Silveri, CA Hamm, and M Solis

Submissions from 2011

Contrasting phylogenetic signals and evolutionary rates in floral traits of Neotropical lianas, S Alcantara and LG Lohmann

An overview on the anatomy development and evolution of the vascular system of lianas, V Angyalossy, G Angeles, MR Pace, CL Dias-Leme, and AC Lima

Taxonomy and remote sensing of leaf mass per area (LMA) in humid tropical forests, GP Asner, RE Martin, R Tupayachi, R Emerson, and P Martinez

Anatomical and molecular identification of \"guaco\" Mikania glomerata e Mikania laevigata (Asteraceae), two important medicinal species from Brazil., CL Bastos, CS Mata, VH Maia, RAX Borges, and N Tamaio

Molecular phylogeny of tribe Rhipsalideae (Cactaceae) and taxonomic implications for Schlumbergera and Hatiora, A Calvente, DC Zappi, F Forest, and LG Lohmann

Long-term change within a Neotropical forest: assessing differential functional and floristic responses to disturbance and drought, BJ Enquist and CAF Enquist

Traits and ecological strategies of Australian tropical and temperate climbing plants, R Gallagher, M Leishman, and A Moles

Phytogeographic implications of fossil endocarps of Menispermaceae from the Paleocene of Colombia, F Herrera, SR Manchester, SB Hoot, KM Wefferling, C Carvalho, and MR Jaramillo

First record of Alston’s Woolly Mouse Opossum (Micoureus alstoni) from the canal area of Central Panama, TD Lambert; MK Halsey; J Dittel; SA Mangan; and E, Adler, GA, Schnitzer, SA Delfosse

Water relations of climbing ivy in a temperate forest, S Luezinger, A Hartmann, and C Korner

Dendrochronology of lianas of the Leguminosae family from the Atlantic Forest, Brazil, A Neves Brandes, C Lisi, and C Barros

The evolution of disparity between the regular and variant phloem in Bignonieae (Bignoniaceae), MR Pace, LG Lohmann, and V Angyalossy

Tropical vine growth and the effects on forest succession: A review of the ecology and management of tropical climbing plants, G Paul and J Yavitt

Community and Functional Ecology of Lianas in the Yasuní Forest Dynamics Plot, Amazonian Ecuador, HG Romero-Saltos

Increasing liana abundance and biomass in tropical forests: emerging patterns and putative mechanisms, SA Schnitzer and F Bongers

Community and ecosystem ramifications of increasing lianas in neotropical forests, SA Schnitzer, F Bongers, and SJ Wright

Understanding bias in geographic range size estimates, SN Sheth, LG Lohmann, T Distler, and I Jimenez

Ants inhabiting myrmecophytic ferns regulate the distribution of lianas on emergent trees in a Bornean tropical rainforest, HO Tanaka and T Itioka

Lianas as structural parasites: a re-evaluation, Y Tang, R Kitching, and C Min

Bignonia corymbosa (Bignonieae, Bignoniaceae): A plant who deceives their floral visitors, MN Umana, PR Stevenson, S Alcantara, and LG Lohmann

Climbing plants in a temperate rainforest understory: searching for high light or coping with deep shade, F Valladares, E Gianoli, and A Saldana

Submissions from 2010

Evolution of floral morphology and pollination system in Bignonieae (Bignoniaceae), S Alcantara and LG Lohmann

Canopy phylogenetic, chemical and spectral assembly in a lowland Amazonian forest, GP Asner and RE Martin

Compensatory growth responses to defoliation and light availability in two native Mexican woody plant species, H Ballina-Gomez, S Iriarte-Vivar, R Orellana, and L Santiago

Nested liana-tree network in three distinct neotropical vegetation formations, J Caram Sfair, A Casarin Rochelle, A Alvez Rezende, J Van Melis, and V De Lara Weiser

Arboreal substrates influence foraging in tropical ants, NA Clay, M Bauer, M Solis, and SP Yanoviak

Mechanosensing of stem bending and its interspecific variability in five neotropical rainforest species, C Coutand, M Chevolot, A Lacointe, N Rowe, and I Scotti

Annual rainfall and seasonality predict pan-tropical patterns of liana density and basal area, SJ DeWalt, SA Schnitzer, J Chave, F Bongers, R Burnham, Z-Q Cai, G Chuyong, D Clark, C Ewango, and J Gerwing

Predicted impact of exotic vines on an endangered ecological community under future climate change, R Gallagher, L Hughes, M Leishman, and P Wilson

The evolution of host specificity in liana-tree interactions, EI Garrido-Perez and RJ Burnham

Distribution and abundance of vines along the light gradient in a southern temperate rain forest, E Gianoli, A Saldana, M Jimenez-Castillo, and F Valladares

Tropical vine growth and the effects on forest succession: A review of the ecology and management of tropical climbing plants, S Gillian and J Yavitt

Evolutionary biology in biodiversity science, conservation, and policy: a call to action, AP Hendry, LG Lohmann, E Conti, J Cracraft, and KA Crandall

Morphology and mechanics of the adhesive disc of liana Parthenocissus tricuspidata, T He, L Zhang, H Xin, and W Deng

Factors controlling the abundance of lianas along an altitudinal transect of tropical forests in Ecuador., J Homeier, F Englert, C Leuschner, P Weigelt, and M Unger

The impact of lianas on 10 years of tree growth and mortality on Barro Colorado Island, Panama, L Ingwell, SJ Wright, KK Becklund, SP Hubbell, and SA Schnitzer

Liana host preference and implications for deciduous forest regeneration, L Ladwig and S Meiners

Spatiotemporal dynamics of lianas during 50 years of succession to temperate forest, L Ladwig and S Meiners

Liana habitat and host preferences in northern temperate forests, S Leicht-Young, N Pavlovica, K Frohnapplea, and R Grundel

Seasonality and Growth Rings in Lianas of Bignoniaceae, AC Lima, MR Pace, and V Angyalossy

Soil phosphorus and disturbance influence liana communities in a subtropical montane forest, A Malizia, H.R. Grau, and J.W. Lichstein

A large-scale inventory of liana diversity in tropical forests of South Eastern Ghats, India, C Muthumperumal and N Parthasarathy

Plant composition in the May Biosphere Reserve: natural and anthropogenic influences, I Nesheim, R Halvorsen, and I Nordal

Liana regeneration in secondary and primary forests of central Amazonia, M Roeder, D HoÃàlschera, and I Ferrazc

Lianas suppress tree regeneration and diversity in treefall gaps, SA Schnitzer and WP Carson

Lianas suppress tree regeneration and diversity in treefall gaps, SA Schnitzer and WP Carson

Development of corded vascular cylinder in Thinouia restingae Ferruci & Somner (Sapindaceae: Paullinieae)., N Tamaio and GV Somner

Within-tree distribution of nest sites and foraging areas of ants on canopy trees in a tropical rainforest in Borneo, O Tanaka, S Yamane, and T Itioka

Calibrating the liana crown occupancy index in Amazonian forests, GMF van der Heijden, TR Feldpausch, A de la Fuente Herrero, NK van der Velden, and OL Phillips


Contrasting cost-benefit strategy between lianas and trees in a tropical seasonal rain forest in southwestern China, S-D Zhu and K-F Cao


Contrasting cost-benefit strategy between lianas and trees in a tropical seasonal rain forest in southwestern China, S-D Zhu and K-F Cao

Submissions from 2009


Liana species richness, abundance and relationship with trees in the Bobiri forest reserve, Ghana: Impact of management systems, P Addo-Fordjour, A Anning, J Larbi, and S Akyeampong

Effects of human disturbances and plant invasion on liana community structure and relationship with trees in the Tinte Bepo forest reserve, Ghana, P Addo-Fordjour, S Obeng, M Addo, and S Akyeampong

Impact of landscape spatial patterns on liana communities in tropical rainforests at Los Tuxtlas, Mexico, V Arroyo-Rodriguez and T Toledo-Aceves

Floristic composition of seasonal riparian forests in Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil, V Baptista-Maria, R Rodrigues, G Damasceno Junior, F Maria, and V Souza


Network properties of arboreal plants: Are epiphytes, mistletoes and lianas structured similarly?, R Blick and K Burns


Gelatinous fibers are widespread in coiling tendrils and twining vines, A Bowling and K Vaughn

An Overview of the Fossil Record of Climbers: Bejucos, Sogas, Trepadoras, Lianas, Cipos, and Vines., R Burnham


Seasonal differences in leaf-level physiology give lianas a competitive advantage over trees in a tropical seasonal forest, Z-Q Cai, S Schnitzer, and F Bongers

Liana Communities in Three Tropical Forest Types in Xishuangbanna, South-West China, Z-Q Cai, S Schnitzer, B Wen, Y Chen, and F Bongers

Abundance of climbing plants in a southern temperate rain forest: host tree characteristics or light availability?, F Carrasco-Urra and E Gianoli


Intensive research activity alters short-term seedling dynamics in a tropical forest, L Comita, G Goldsmith, and S Hubbell

The forest vegetation of Ramal de Guaramacal in the Venezuelan Andes, A Cuello and A Cleef

Effects of logging on the diversity of lianas in a lowland tropical rain forest in Hainan Island, South China, Y Ding and R Zang

Land-use history and the origins and effects of lianas on tree communities., E Garrido-Perez and G Gerold

Descriptive anatomy and evolutionary patterns of anatomical diversification in Adenia (Passifloraceae), D Hearn


Morphological differentiation of current-year shoots of deciduous and evergreen lianas in temperate forests in Japan, R Ichihashi, H Nagashima, and M Tateno

Moving with climbing plants from Charles Darwin's time into the 21st Century, S Isnard and W Silk

Host infestation patterns of the massive liana Hydrangea serratifolia (Hydrangeaceae) in a Chilean temperate rainforest, M Jimenez-Castillo and C Lusk

Liana abundance, diversity and tree infestation in the Imbak Canyon Conservation Area, Sabah, Malaysia, L Kammesheidt, A Berhaman, J Tay, G Abdullah, and M Azwal

Optimisation of spatial allocation patterns in lianas compared to trees used for support, M Kazda, J Miladera, and J Salzer

Enrichment planting as a silvicultural option in the eastern Amazon: Case study of Fazenda cauaxi, K Keefe, M Schulze, C Pinheiro, J Zweede, and D Zarin

Impacts of temperate lianas on tree growth in young deciduous forests, L Ladwig and S Meiners

Ethnobotanical knowledge of Philippine lowland farmers and its application in agroforestry, G Langenberger, V Prigge, K Martin, B Belonias, and J Sauerborn

Effects of an Invasive Plant Species, Celastrus orbiculatus, on Soil Composition and Processes, S Leicht-Young, H O'Donnell, A Latimer, and J Silander


Woodiness within the Spermacoceae-Knoxieae alliance (Rubiaceae): retention of the basal woody condition in Rubiaceae or recent innovation?, F Lens, I Groeninckx, E Smets, and S Dessein

Lianas and self-supporting plants during tropical forest succession, S Letcher and R Chazdon

Diversity and aboveground biomass of lianas in the tropical seasonal rain forests of Xishuangbanna, SW China, X Lu, J Tang, Z Feng, and M Li


Changes in tree and liana communities along successional gradient in a tropical dry forest in south-eastern Brazil, B Madeira, M Espirito-Santo, SC Neto, Y Nunes, G Azofeifa, G Fernandes, and M Quesada


Structural characteristics of a giant tropical liana and its mode of canopy spread in an alien environment, R Maheshwari, K Rao, and T Ramachandra

Ecologia y diversidad de lianas en la Selva Pedemontana de las Yungas Australes, A Malizia, HR Ayarde, and Y Sasal

Generic relationships and dating of lineages in Winteraceae based on nuclear (ITS) and plastid (rpS16 and psbA-trnH) sequence data, X Marquinez, LG Lohmann, ML Faria Salatino, A Salatino, and F Gonzalez

Lianas as a food resource for brown howlers (Alouatta guariba) and southern muriquis (Brachyteles arachnoides) in a forest fragment, M Martins


Developmental plasticity and biomechanics of treelets and lianas in Manihot aff. quinquepartita (Euphorbiaceae): a branch-angle climber of French Guiana, L Menard, D Mckey, and N Rowe

Floristic structure and diversity of a tropical montane evergreen forest (shola) of the Nilgiri Mountains, southern India, D Mohandass and P Davidar

Grapevine (Vitis spp.) dynamics in association with manual tending, physiography, and host tree associations in temperate deciduous forests, R Morrissey, M-M Gauthier, J Kershaw Jr., D Jacobs, J Selfert, and B Fischer

Effects of elevated CO2 on grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.): Physiological and yield attributes, J Moutinho-Pereira, B Goncalves, E Bacelar, J Boaventura Chnha, J Coutinho, and C Correia

Lianas and livelihoods: The role of fibrous forest plants in food security and society around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda, O Muhwezi, A Cunningham, and R Bukenya-Ziraba

Angiosperms, Climbing plants in tropical forests of southern Eastern Ghats, Tamil Nadu, India, C Muthumperumal and N Parthasarathy


Effects of liana load, tree diameter and distances between conspecifics on seed production in tropical timber trees, J Nabe-Nielsen, J Kollmann, and M Pena-Claros


Interspecific variation in seedling responses to seed limitation and habitat conditions for 14 Neotropical woody species, N Norden, J Chave, P Belbenoit, A Caubere, P Chatelet, P-M Forget, B Riera, and J Viers

A molecular phylogeny and classification of Bignoniaceae, RG Olmstead, ML Zjhra, LG Lohmann, SO Grose, and AJ Eckert